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Here is what our customers say about us:

“We liked that you are organized, punctual, very neat, a perfectionist and an honest good person.” “We loved the schedule you provided for all workers and that the schedule was adhered to.” “It was great to be able to leave town and feel confident that everything was safe at home. We admired your management style and were very comfortable with all your workers. Your reputation is sterling and you lived up to it beautifully.”

Mary and Bob Warren

“We will actually miss seeing you at the house; I’ve never met anyone who can say that after a project. Detailed, customer service was over the top, on time completion, very organized with billing and estimations. It was the best experience that a person could imagine during a hectic remodel. All workers were professional and trustworthy. Please feel free to have potential clients contact us directly for a reference and personal tour of our home if desired. We are so pleased with the quality of D. Peterson Construction that we will refer you to everyone we encounter.”

Kara Benson

“Quality, Commitment, Outstanding Service.” “Easiest human being to work with & the nicest.” “A true professional.” “Makes construction work actually feel fun.”

Iris Rosenberg

“Superb job management, on time, on budget.” “Excellent follow-up & after-job service.” “Excellent response to telephone calls.”

Mike & Betsy Friduss

“Professional approach, Work quality was excellent, Project was completed within the time agreed.” “Exceeded our expectations!”

Brian Kiernan

“Attention to detail, timeliness and follow-up, availability and responsiveness.” “Billing transparency”

Jim Rosenbloom

“Attention to detail.” “We really enjoyed working with you and feel free to use us as a reference ANY TIME.”

Todd and Liz Warnock