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Protection is the most important part of remodeling requiring constant maintenance. Proper isolation will protect your living spaces from the dirt and dust of construction providing a clean and comfortable place to live during construction. It is important to understand that construction dust travels and gets on everything! This is by far the most unbearable part of remodeling.


Integrating the new with the old can be challenging, it is necessary to employ someone with the skills and knowledge to ensure this is done correctly. An important part of this process is evaluating the integrity of the existing structure and modifying it where needed. With proper design and construction you should never be able to distinguish existing from new construction.


It is important to maintain a safe and clean jobsite during construction as people are living and visiting the site while construction is in progress. Neighbors are often affected by the condition of the jobsite. Wind blown debris and noise can often disrupt neighbors. Regular cleanup and attention to detail can help maintain good neighborly relations as well as a safer, cleaner environment for the customers.