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General Contracting


A general contractor is the overall job coordinator and individual responsible for the construction. They are an advisor and alleviate the stress of coordinating, scheduling and quality control from the customer.

Decision Making

Many customers are overwhelmed by the numerous decisions needed during construction. Many ideas seem good but when executed do not give the desired results. A good general knows what decisions require customer input and does not bother the customer with the ones that don't. They also provide advice and experience that will help avoid problems and produce the results desired.


If there is a problem or mistake on the job the general is ultimately responsible for resolving it. This gives the customer piece of mind knowing that someone with experience and knowledge is to make sure their expectations are met.


A general contractor will drastically reduce the amount of time a project will take to complete. As customers needs change during the course of the project so does the schedule. The general contractor knows what scheduling revisions need to be made and handles these changes for the customer.

Sub-Contractor Relations

An experienced general maintains good relations with many sub-contractors. The overall quality will be greatly affected by the sub-contractors selected. Schedule changes can cause severe delays without sub-contractor flexibility. As situations arise the general can work with sub-contractors as established partners.